Our NGO’s journey began during the 2020 lockdowns in Mauritius, sparked by a simple act of compassion and an unwavering desire to aid those in

Fueled by dedication, our founder and a group
of committed young volunteers embarked on
a mission to provide essential food packs, hot
meals, and vital supplies to over 2,000
struggling families across the island.
As our efforts grew, we recognized the
urgent plight of displaced individuals labeled as
“squatters.” Collaborating with fellow NGOs, we
extended a helping hand to 107 families, offering
them tents, nourishment, warm clothing, and
critical essentials.

In the face of adversities like the pandemic,
oil spills, and flash floods, our commitment
endured. We stood by 150 affected families in
areas like La Chaux, Mahebourg, and Bois des
Amourettes, distributing crucial provisions and
offering solace.Driven by our dedication, we transitioned into a formal NGO, aiming for lasting impact. Today, we continue to support and follow up with 30 families in various
communities, fostering self-sufficiency and

Our response to emergencies remains resolute,
encompassing food aid, medical support, education,
and more. We champion a society where
every individual can thrive. Unwavering in our
belief in human dignity, we serve without bias,
crafting innovative and self-sustaining programs that leave a transformative imprint. Though unassuming, our impact is felt deeply. With an expanding volunteer network, we share
our journey through social media, spreading awareness and magnifying positive change

In vulnerable corners, we stand not just as an NGO but as a compassionate presence, offering unwavering support to those in need.