Learning for All Program (Classes de rattrapage): Helping Children Unlock Their Potential

Learning for All Program (Classes de rattrapage): Helping Children Unlock Their Potential


Problem Statement:

Many children in Curepipe and Eau Coulee struggle with academics, particularly in primary school, resulting in poor academic performance. Most of these students face learning difficulties due to lack of support at home, financial constraints, and language barriers, among other factors. Monad Charity has initiated a pilot project “Learning for All Program” (Classes de rattrapage) to assist children from the Curepipe and Eau Coulee communities who are lagging behind in school. The program is hosted at the Prof B. Bissoondoyal Community Centre, Lapeyrouse-Sterling St, Eau Coulee, and the goal is to provide free remedial classes twice a week to children attending primary school in the communities.



The purpose of the Learning for All Program is to assist underprivileged children who are tackling learning difficulties and falling behind in their academic studies. Monad Charity’s team of dedicated volunteers will operate after-school remedial classes to help students from the Curepipe and Eau Coulee communities to catch up and succeed in their academic performance. The remedial classes will be made available on Tuesdays and Thursdays every week at the Prof B. Bissoondoyal Community Centre, Lapeyrouse-Sterling St, Eau Coulee. The program is intended to give the participating children access to specialized and personalized instruction and the tools they need for long-term academic success.


Target Group:

The target group for the Learning for All Program project includes primary school children who reside in Curepipe and Eau Coulee, and are facing difficulties in their studies. Children within the age group of 5 -12 years old are qualified to participate in the program.


Implementation Plan:

Monad Charity has started the Learning for All Program pilot with 5 volunteer teachers. However, more volunteer teachers are needed to be able to assist more children and offer the specialized attention they need. The remedial classes’ aim is to provide free, after-school, one-on-one, and small-group instruction to students who are falling behind in school, to help them catch up and succeed in their academic careers. Monad Charity will ensure that each child receives personalized attention, allowing them to work at their pace and grasp a better understanding of the material.


Monad Charity plans to extend the Learning for All Program beyond Curepipe and Eau Coulee and provide academic support to primary school students struggling in other regions across Mauritius. We believe that every child deserves to have an equal opportunity to succeed in their academic career, and we are committed to making that a reality.


We also aim to provide the same service to college students who face learning difficulties. This will expand the project’s reach and boost academic levels for students who experience learning challenges beyond primary school.



Evaluation is crucial to the Learning for All Program’s success. For effective and continuous monitoring, we will use feedback from the children, their teachers, their parents, and the program volunteers. The evaluations will help the program identify areas of improvement, measure the success of the program’s provisions, and enable us to cater to each child’s unique academic needs. Regular assessments will be performed to monitor each participating student’s academic progress. This data will inform our volunteer teachers on what areas they need to focus on to achieve effective learning and help drive the students toward academic success.



Monad Charity’s Learning for All Program (Classes de rattrapage) is an outstanding example of how remedial classes can help students overcome academic struggles. It promotes equity in education and access to academic resources for all students in need. The Learning for All Program provides an optimal environment for children to learn fundamental skills, develop creativity, and achieve their full potential. With the help of financial support and volunteer teachers, Monad Charity hopes to expand the program’s reach and help more underprivileged children in Mauritius. Through hard work and determination, we can provide disadvantaged children with the support and resources they need to succeed in their academic careers.


Special Note to Potential Sponsors:

Monad Charity’s Learning for All Program (Classes de rattrapage) is an excellent opportunity for your organization to support vulnerable children in the community and make a significant impact on their academic and personal lives. By sponsoring our program, you’ll be investing in the future of our society and contributing to reducing poverty and inequality in Mauritius.


Your sponsorship will help us cover the costs of providing high-quality teaching resources, materials, supplies, and nutritional meals to these students. You will also be helping us pay our volunteer teachers, who provide their time and expertise to help struggling students. Moreover, your sponsorship allows us to expand the program’s reach and provide support to more children in other regions of Mauritius, enabling us to make a more significant impact on students’ lives.


Monad Charity loves to share the generosity of our sponsors via our YouTube Channel (Monad Charity), Facebook, Instagram, and we are working on a TikTok account. We strive to publicly acknowledge your contribution and the significant impact that your generosity brings to the community. Furthermore, sponsors will be cited in our annual reports and newsletters, and we will keep you informed of program developments and the progress of the children you help support.


By investing in the Learning for All Program, you will provide underprivileged children with the opportunity to succeed academically, helping them unlock their full potential. You will help level the playing field for students facing learning barriers, ensuring they receive customized assistance and one-on-one coaching to help them catch up with their peers.


We sincerely hope that you will join us in our mission to promote equity in education, alleviate poverty, and create a brighter future for Mauritius.

If you are interested in supporting the Learning for All Program or signing up as a volunteer, please contact us at +230 57585714 / +230 57410436 or email us at info@monadcharity.org. Your contributions help to sustain and expand this program and will make a significant impact on the education and future of children in our community.