Training and Job-Finding Assistance for People in Difficulty

Project Title: Training and Job-Finding Assistance for People in Difficulty



Many people in Mauritius face difficulties when it comes to finding appropriate training and job-finding, particularly those who come from low-income backgrounds. The lack of financial resources, low educational qualifications, and few work experiences all contribute to the difficulty of finding appropriate work. Monad Charity recognizes this need and has been working to provide training and job-finding assistance to people in difficulty in Mauritius.


Problem Statement:

The problem in Mauritius is two-fold- people lack training, and they lack job opportunities. People who cannot afford to pay for courses still need training to improve their skills and make themselves more marketable for potential employers. Moreover, even if they have appropriate qualifications and skills, they are often not aware of job opportunities and struggle to secure suitable jobs that offer financial stability.


Project Description:

Monad Charity aims to provide free training and job-finding assistance to people in difficulty in Mauritius, specifically targeting youth and heads of families who are most in need of such assistance. We aim to collaborate with various institutions and companies to provide available training. Furthermore, collaborating with employers would create opportunities for training and employment, which would assist more job-seekers.


Our focus is twofold- we will work to educate people about available free training programs and facilitate eligibility documentation processes where possible. Additionally, we will work with companies to identify job opportunities for individuals with low qualifications, place them in such opportunities, coordinate with employers, and provide the necessary training to bridge gaps so that the individual can perform their job effectively.


Implementation Plan:

We will work with government entities, private companies, and other local organizations to offer various educational programs such as diploma, training, or certification courses. Monad Charity aims to highlight free courses offered by the government, such as the MITD, which might not be commonly known to the public. Additionally, we will tailor one-on-one sessions with job-seekers to ensure that they get guidance that matches their skills and abilities. For example, people seeking a job in retail can get training from a well-experienced employee from our partner companies such as Winner’s supermarkets, and candidates applying for administrative roles can receive certification programs from a respective institute.


We will also collaborate with partner companies to offer job opportunities to people in difficulty. We will help candidates with applications, provide mentors, and assist with placements, ensuring they attain their full potential. We hope to promote a mutually beneficial relationship between employers and job-seekers. This would help reduce the rate of unemployment and provide job security and financial stability to families.



Monad Charity is seeking sponsors to help fund the training programs, provide training material, and sustain the operation of the outreach programs. The funds generated will go towards venue rental fees, access to online platforms for training sessions, and payments for experienced training facilitators, among other expenses. Monad Charity seeks to collaborate with corporate sponsors committed to improving the Mauritian community through education and promoting job creation. Besides, contributing sponsors will be acknowledged in our annual reports and newsletters.



By providing free training and job-finding assistance, Monad Charity is empowering people in difficulty in Mauritius, enabling them to develop their skills and employability, leading to financial independence and an improved socio-economic life. Our project is critical to promoting equity, justice, and equal opportunities in society and contributes to developing a stable economy. Monad Charity strives towards achieving its purpose of ensuring that every individual in Mauritius has an equal opportunity to thrive regardless of their socio-economic background.