“Food Bank” Assistance Program

“Food Bank” Assistance Program



The COVID-19 pandemic has caused an immense economic shock to Mauritius, affecting many people who were already in vulnerable economic situations. Many people face ongoing food insecurity, which affects their health and well-being. Monad Charity has been working since 2020 to provide basic need assistance by providing emergency food packs to people in vulnerable areas of Mauritius.


Problem Statement:

Families face difficulties due to the ongoing economic challenges in Mauritius, which has resulted in food insecurity. Although Monad Charity has been actively working to provide emergency food assistance, finding sustainable commodities and collecting enough variety of food remains a challenge. It is crucial to offer appropriate assistance particularly to vulnerable populations.


Project Description:

Monad Charity proposes a “Food Bank” Assistance Program. This program aims to provide essential food assistance to people in vulnerable areas. The goal of this program is to ensure a sustainable supply of nutritious food for the beneficiaries working with them to become self-reliant in the long-term. Instead of providing casual food packs, Monad Charity will supply a monthly stock of food. Monad Charity will conduct session empowering beneficiaries with practical tips on preparing and cooking healthy meals on a budget and will partner with culinary schools and chefs to offer a cooking demonstration program.


The project also aims to address the root cause of food insecurity by empowering beneficiaries with training and skill building that would help them achieve economic independence. Through our job-finding assistance program, we will help beneficiaries find suitable employment to ensure they have the means to purchase their own food and sustain their livelihoods.


Implementation Plan:

Monad Charity aims to invest in building infrastructure for a food bank, which will serve as a distribution center for the beneficiaries. We will collaborate with existing supermarkets, agricultural producers, and other food businesses who are willing to donate food. We will keep track of their inventory and expiry dates to ensure the beneficiary receives food that is wholesome and fresh.


We will also partner with nutritionists and chefs to develop bespoke nutrition plans that cater to the dietary requirements of each beneficiary. Monad Charity will provide support to beneficiaries coping with health issues by offering specialized nutritional plans and educational resources to enhance their holistic wellbeing.



Monad Charity relies on funding from public and private institutions, foundations, and individuals. The program will cost an estimated $50,000 per year for materials, infrastructure, staffing expenses, and general operating costs. Corporate sponsors seeking to invest in a food bank that promotes equitable access to healthy food for vulnerable populations and towards empowering them to be self-reliant.



In conclusion, the “Food Bank” Assistance Program is a milestone project that will combat food insecurity in vulnerable areas of Mauritius. The program emphasizes sustainable food aid distribution and the importance of training individuals to become self-reliant in the long term. Monad Charity is committed to promoting social justice