“Zenes Kreater Dime” (Future Makers Programme) – Monad Charity’s Youth Empowerment Project

Project Name: “Zenes Kreater Dime” (Future Makers Programme) – Monad Charity’s Youth Empowerment Project


Project Goal:

The goal of this project is to empower and train young people to become future makers and leaders, by providing them with the necessary skills, knowledge and resources to take control of their futures.


Project Scope:

Monad Charity will provide regular monthly educational programs, training and mentoring sessions to empower young people to become the best version of themselves. This project’s target audience will be disadvantaged young people living in precarious situations who are between 16 and 25 years of age.


Project Timeline:


Month 1-2: Program Development and Staff Recruitment

Month 3-5: Pre-Program Promotion and Participant Recruitment

Month 6-11: Monthly Educational Programs, Training and Mentoring Sessions

Month 12: Evaluation and Program Improvement


Program Content:


Free Monthly Food Packs to Support Basic Needs

Provision of School Materials

Free Holistic Trainings and Workshops on the following areas:

– Writing a CV and Preparation for Job Interviews

– How to Deal with Sexual Abuse and Other Social Issues

– Social Work and Community Engagement

– Time Management and Personal Development

– Financial Management and Independence

– Family and Society Etiquette

– Free Sessions with Psychologists and Life Coaches to help participants cope with emotional and mental challenges

– Evaluation and Goal Setting Sessions

– Private Tuition and Examination Fee Support through our Partner Educational Institution


Budget and Resources:

The budget for this project will cover the provision of monthly food packs, school materials, training and mentoring sessions, session materials, transportation costs for trainers and participants, marketing and promotion, staff salaries, and any other necessary resources for the smooth running of the program. We seek sponsors, partners, and donations to support this cause and reach the most vulnerable young people who need these services the most.



This project will aim to empower young people in precarious situations providing them with a range of fundamental skills, knowledge, and resources essential for their growth and independence. This project seeks to create future generations of well-rounded young people who are able to tackle the complex problems they may face by equipping them with essential life skills, a network of support and holistic education.



Monad Charity’s “Zenes Kreater Dime” Future Makers’ Programme is a vital project in our quest for youth empowerment. It will give disadvantaged young people from all walks of life the necessary support and skills to attain their full potential. Through our collective effort, we can realize our vision of creating a better society for our youth and tomorrow.