“Dibout lor to lipie” – Continuing the Journey to Financial Autonomy

Project Name: “Dibout lor to lipie” – Continuing the Journey to Financial Autonomy


Project Goal:

The overarching goal of this project is to empower individuals and communities to become financially autonomous through a series of regular workshops that provide training and support in key areas such as household money management, small business creation, and life coaching.


Project Scope:

Monad Charity will plan and execute several rounds of the “Dibout lor to lipie” training program over the next year. The program will consist of a series of workshops on a variety of topics that help participants get out of poverty and become financially independent. The workshops will be led by professional trainers, business coaches and life coaches who specialize in each area of expertise.




Week 1-2: Program Development and Trainer Recruitment

Week 3-4: Pre-Workshop Promotion and Participant Recruitment

Week 5-10: Workshop Series and Coaching Sessions

week 11-12: Feedback Gathering and Program Improvements


Workshop Topics:


Money Management Basics

Creating a Household Budget

Starting and Navigating a Small Business

Life Coaching for Financial Success

CV Writing and Employment Preparation

Civic Education and Community Empowerment



Workshop Schedule:


Workshop 1: Money Management Basics and Budgeting

Workshop 2: Creating and Managing Savings Goals

Workshop 3: Starting and Running a Small Business

Workshop 4: Life Coaching and Overcoming Poverty Mindsets

Workshop 5: CV Writing and Interview Preparation

Workshop 6: Civic Education and Community Engagement


Training and Coaching Sessions:

Alongside the workshops, participants will also receive one-on-one training and coaching sessions with the professional trainers and life coaches. These sessions will allow for more personalized support and development and help to further enhance the skills and knowledge that was gained during the workshops.


Budget and Resources:

The budget for this project will cover training rooms that can accommodate around 50 to 100 people, pens and notepad provided to the people, marketing and awareness expenses, transport for equipment, Sono, meals for all sessions and compensation for trainers and life coaches. We aim to secure sponsorship that will cover these expenses as well as provide additional resources that will enable us to improve and enhance the program further.



After successfully completing the 2 years of the “Dibout lor to lipie” program, we have trained over 200 people and received positive feedback and outcomes from many participants who were able to improve their financial standing and gain more autonomy. With the help of sponsors, we aim to reach even more people and provide them with the necessary skills and knowledge to sustainably improve their financial standing and become more self-reliant. By empowering individuals in this way, we hope to see a ripple effect in communities, where people feel more empowered to make positive changes, be involved in their communities and contribute to the overall development of society.



The “Dibout lor to lipie” program is an important initiative that provides a valuable service to the community by empowering individuals to become more self-sufficient and financially stable. With the support of sponsors, we hope to continue running this program and to expand it to even more communities in the future, helping to create a brighter, more financially empowered future for all.